A Blissful June Day

9 Aug

Welcome to my blog!

If you’re taking time to read this then I must say THANK YOU! This blog is just a way for me to share my stories and thoughts as I journey through my interestingly blessed life. Hopefully I can encourage and inspire you!

“A Blissful June Day”

The day had finally arrived. June 7, 2014; the day I have waited for my whole life…my wedding day! It was hard to believe that after all the stress, sweat, and tears the day was finally here. You know how you have days where you have some sort of expectation as to how they will play out; and then you have days that exceed any expectation you could have possibly thought up? This was one of those day…a day that exceeded all the expectations I had.

The warm, sunny Saturday started early. On your wedding day you kind of get up in a rush knowing there is so much to be done in the upcoming hours. When I woke up that day I felt all kinds of different emotions; nervous, excited, and anxious..just to name a few! I was scheduled to get my hair rolled at 8 that morning and to be at the church by 9:30. Upon arriving at the church several people were already there…my wedding planner (aka my cousin Cheryl), a few of my bridesmaids, and several more. I walked into the “Bride’s Room” to be greeted by a few of my awesome bridesmaids. Music was playing, breakfast was waiting, makeup was everywhere, and the room was soon filled with chatter and laughter. We were all excited about the afternoon! We spent most of the day getting our makeup on and putting the finishing touches on our hair. SO FUN!

Let’s fast forward a few hours…

The dress was on, the church was full, and music started playing. Slowly but surely the bridesmaids made their way down the aisle and soon it would be my turn. I was SO nervous! Here it was…the moment I had waited for all my life…the moment I would finally marry the man God blessed me with…the one that was there for me, everyday through the darkest and the brightest moments of my life. And as I stood there, arm in arm with my brother, he looked at me and said, “are you ready?” I took a deep breath and as the doors opened I responded, “let’s do this!”

We walked through the door of the sanctuary and as 200 people looked my way my eyes focused on my best friend, the man at the altar waiting on me to walk down the aisle to him. He was all I could see and in that moment, my nerves were gone. I more than likely had this big goofy smile on my face, but I honestly don’t remember. All I remember was being so excited to start this journey as husband and wife!

The wedding was perfect in every way. The pictures were taken and now it was time to head to the reception. The whole reception is pretty much a blur. All I remember was smiling, posing for pictures, and walking throughout the gym with my new husband meeting and talking to several people. After mingling, cutting the cakes, and getting the marriage license signed, we were hurried out the door to go change and head to Little Rock.

We changed clothes (separately of course!) and it was time to say our goodbyes. Saying goodbye to my mom was the hardest…not just because I would be gone a week, but because we both knew that this new chapter of my life meant I was moving out and starting a whole new journey. We cried and smiled and it was perfect.

We gave hugs and ran out the door to be greeted with bubbles and a VERY messy truck! After cleaning up the truck and making it somewhat bearable to ride in, we were off!

Next stop…Jamaica! 😉

God is good…ALL the time.

Blessings & Love,

Mrs. Hannah D. 🙂


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