Letter to My Niece

22 Nov

My niece is two. Her birthday is the day before mine…talk about the best birthday present ever! That day I became an aunt, and before she was born I had always heard about how strong a mother’s love is, but never experienced it. Then she came along. Though I am not a mom, I know that as soon as I heard her cry I knew that I had never loved anyone like I loved her. She changed our family’s world forever. And since then she’s had each of us wrapped around her little finger!

I have watched her grow into the most fun, lovable, smart, beautiful little girl. And though she’s only two, I can’t help but think…”don’t grow up so fast…just stay this little as long as you can.” To her everything is funny…she is full of joy and lots of laughter! She sees the world so innocently and life is full of wonder. Her smile is contagious and she has my whole heart!




Even though she can’t read yet…this is a post just for her. I want her to grow up and know that she is important, that she never has to wonder if she is good enough. When you’re a teenager, and sometimes even when you’re an adult you go through things and wonder, “am I good enough?” It could be heartbreak, disappointment, a test in school, or not getting a job. There are so many things that could factor into making you feel that way. So when you get older and go through all these things that we won’t be able to protect you from, just remember that you are so important. You’re important to me, to our family, and to God.

Never lose your faith in God. Through all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows of life, God is always with you. He will never leave you. He loves you and you are so precious in His sight. Never lose your faith in people either. There are people in this world who are cruel and hurtful, but there are also people who are wonderful and kind. Don’t give up on the hope of kind people. Be kind to everyone, whether they return the kindness or not.

Cherish every second you spend with family and friends. Hold on tight to each precious memory you have with the ones who love you so much. Memories are such a beautiful part of life.

You are loved. Sweet girl you are loved more than you could ever know! You are so loved by your family…never forget that! You never got to meet him, but your Pop would have been absolutely crazy about you. He loved you even though he never got to meet you on Earth. When he found out about you, he talked about how he would take you riding around in his truck and how he would pull you in a pink wagon. You were already so special to him, just as you are to us. Always remember to love in return. Love your family always, even when you’re a teenager and being with family is the lamest thing ever…always love them and always remember we love you too.

You are beautiful. Inside and out, you are so beautiful! And you better not listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

Keep laughing and keep making people laugh. You’re so funny…you always make us laugh and smile! Don’t ever grow out of that. Laughter is good for the soul and life is way too short not to smile and laugh.

Do good. When you get older and go out into the world, do good. Never be afraid to be who you are and stand up for what you believe in. Be a good person; be kind to people and truly care about others.

I know you’re still so young, but as you get older never stop singing and dancing along to the radio, hug the ones you love every chance you get, remember all the fun times you have at MeMe’s house and Nana’s house, remember what it sounds like when your Daddy gets home, and always stay Momma’s sweet girl. And always remember that Uncle Houston and Aunt Hannah love you lots and lots. As do everyone else!

-Hannah D


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