Everyday Joy

27 Feb

I haven’t posted in a long while and a lot has happened in the last month or so.

As we came into 2015 I began thinking with a slightly new perspective, “Everyday Joy.”

Don’t get me wrong…this life is and can be full of disappointments. I have been through very hard times in my 23 years, but it is important how we look at our everyday. Attitude can make such a difference in the situation you’re going through.

This year, for Christmas, my mom gave me a journal that says, “Everyday Joy Psalm 66:1” on the cover. I’ve received several journals throughout the years and I’ve always said that I would write in them daily. I do well for a while, then get busy and fall off the wagon! So starting January 1, 2015, I made it a point to try to write in my new journal every single day. Not necessarily a really long entry, just something that gave me joy or something that I was really thankful for that day!

So for the most part, I’ve done really well writing and documenting memories. It makes me happy to think back over the course of the day and remember things that made me smile. Since I’ve been doing this, I have learned that memories don’t just happen on big occasions in life. Memories happen every single day. Like on a Tuesday when you meet your family for pizza. It’s time together; laughing, talking, and cherishing each moment.

God has blessed me beyond measure. He gives us joy in the mundane, in the sorrow, and in the happy moments.

So find your joy today. Find it everyday. God can and will give you joy! Look for something each day that makes you happy. Life is so much better when you chose joy! Chosing to be happy and not complaining can not only change your perspective, it could also change the perspective of others around you!

“He fills like life with good things!” Psalm 103:5

Choose JOY!


Mrs. Hannah D. 🙂



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