Accidentally Country

20 Mar

I’ve lived in the city limits of a small Arkansas town my entire life. We literally lived on main street! When I met my sweet hubby about 5 years ago I knew that he lived in the country and that he was VERY outdoorsy! He LOVES to bass fish…and is really dang good at it! 😉

Me on the otherhand…I am by no means outdoorsy. Ha! So when we figured out that we would probably get married someday, he began fixing up his grandfather’s house for us. Did I mention that said house is in the country? Well, it is. 🙂 So on June 7th when we got married…I became accidentally country!

Living in the country is much different from living in town. It is quieter, more peaceful, and in the Spring and Summer…quite beautiful! But of course, the transition for me was a slight adjustment…

Apparently in the fall the ladybugs come out of hiding… So a lot of people really like ladybugs; they’re usually a pretty red or orange and they have spots! However, outside of the city limits the ladybugs come out in groups of a least a thousand. Well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but it’s at least in the hundreds! 😉 They’re everywhere!!! And they sometimes get in the house…ya know since you can’t avoid opening the door to the outside! Needless to say killing ladybugs has become something I enjoy. 😉

Another interesting occurence stars a opossum and a trash can… One afternoon after gathering the trash I stepped outside on the steps to throw the bag in the big trash can on the side of the house. I walked on to the steps and just leaned over the banister to drop it in the can. I missed the trash can (no surprise here!) and proceeded to walk down the steps to pick up said trash bag and put it in said can. As I dropped it in I noticed something in the other trash can right beside it. I looked over and lo and behold there was a opossum!!!!! And would you believe that he was playing opossum and pretending to be dead?!!! I screamed. Ran in the house. Then immediately called Houston. Well he was at work and couldn’t just race home to dispose of the pest so I came in and waited it out. Don’t worry, the opossum did escape unscathed, he was just a little shaken up! 😉

I could go on for a while telling stories of this new country life, but we don’t have all day! So now, let me tell you about my latest occurence…

Spring in Arkansas always brings a lot of rain. Actually a lot of rain can come at anytime…the weather here is slightly unpredictable. For example; two weeks ago we had snow on the ground.

Our snow day a couple of weeks ago! :)

Our snow day a couple of weeks ago! 🙂

Anyway, when we get a lot of rain the river close to our house rises. This doesn’t always affect us directly, but this time it did. Last Friday, the river began rising much quicker than we had hoped. So much so that it cut us off from our house. We gathered some clothes and went to stay with my mom.


Standing in almost ankle-deep water on the bridge to our house!


Another picture of the bridge on Friday afternoon…




And THIS is the same bridge Saturday morning… 😦


We were able to come back to the house a couple of times, but we couldn’t drive our vehicles. We parked on the side of the four lane close to our house and my father-in-law came to pick us up. We travelled through the woods on what they refer to as the mule. Basically its similar to a four-wheeler. This was one of the interesting things we discovered on our adventure…


This is a mound of fire ants! Did you know that when a fire ant mound goes under water that the ants will pile on top of each other and move constantly to keep afloat? Well I didn’t know and let me just say, I was pretty fascinated!!!


So fast forward to Thursday; the river has finally started to fall and we were able to come home!!! I never thought that I would miss our little country home as much as I did. Despite the adjustments, I’ve learned that there is truly no place like HOME!!


Home is where the heart is! 🙂

Blessings & Love,

Mrs. Hannah D. 🙂


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