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Home Sweet Home

25 Jul

Home is defined as “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.” 

I’ve learned, that home is so much more than that. For twenty plus years my home was in a small Southern town just north of where I live now. It is a beautiful house, filled with love, memories, laughter, traditions, and so much more. It is a big house with a beautiful yard full of trees and flowers. 

I’ve left home for trips and vacations, but when I got married last year, it was my first time to ever move away from home. I was nervous, afraid, and so excited. 

When I left my childhood home and moved to my home with my husband there were some adjustments at first. Though they were only 15 miles down the road, I missed seeing my family everyday. 

However, over the next few months I discovered something wonderful. This new house that I lived in now wasn’t just a house, it was home. It was the safe haven I loved coming to after a long day at work. It was where my husband and I have shared so many wonderful memories. It is my peaceful place. 

See our house isn’t very big. It’s a small little house surrounded by lots of land and trees. We have plans someday to build or buy a forever home. We have our dreams of a big house with a wrap-around porch and lots of land. There have been several occasions when we have driven around looking at houses, dreaming of the future. 

Though it may not be our “dream house,” our little house is HOME. It is a place that twenty years from now, we’ll look back and remember our little brown house. We’ll remember all the fun memories, crazy stories, and lessons we learned. Most of all, we’ll remember that at one point in our lives, it was HOME SWEET HOME!

Our house when it snowed this February!


Working on flower beds this Spring!


Coming along slowly!


It was such a beautiful afternoon!


My sweet hubby…love him so very much!!


Finished product! 🙂



So pretty!


For our one year anniversary, Houston got me this Pandora charm. It is a little house and as you can see on the bottom of the charm it says “home sweet home.” 🙂


So special!! 🙂

No matter the size of your house, what truly makes it a home is who you share it with. 

Home truly is where the heart is. ❤️

Mrs. Hannah D.