“This is Home”

5 Jan

I’ve written about home before. My post Home Sweet Home was inspired a few months back. Anyway, here I am, inspired once again. 

We just got home from staying with my mom for the last few days. The river has been up again and cut us off from our house. I’m beginning to think I’m being tested… 😉

My mom’s house will always be home. It was in that beautiful white house  with a big yard and lots of trees that I grew up. It’s a house filled with memories, laughter, tears, and love. My heart smiles each time we pull into the driveway because it isn’t just a house, it’s a home. It was my home for 20+ years of my life. It was where I grew into the woman I am today. It is not just a house, but it is the house that built me. 

My home now is in a different town 15 or so minutes away. It’s a smaller house with several trees and brown siding. It is pretty inside and is filled with my favorite decorations and pictures. It is my favorite place to come after a long day at work. It is my first home of my own. This house is where my husband and I are building the early years of our marriage. It is where we make memories we’ll never forget and have experiences we’ll tell our children about. 

I love each of these houses. My first home is where I became who I am, my second home is where I’m becoming who I will be. 

I must say though, my favorite part of home is who I share it with. Whether it is my mom and family in the house I grew up in, or my husband and me in our first house. Each place is home; each place is special. And my heart will always be grateful for each one. 



Mrs. Hannah D. ❤️🏡


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