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Three. Beautiful. Years.

6 Jun

You know what is amazing? Love. Love is amazing and crazy wonderful. And you know what else is amazing and crazy wonderful? Marriage. But being married and in love is the best there is.

Three years of marriage has flown by. When my husband and I first met, I never imagined he was the one for me. You see we are pretty different, which I’ve talked about on here before. But these three years have been better than I could have imagined…being married has been more than a dream come true.

A lot has happened since our last anniversary. We’ve had vacations and weekend getaways, purchased land for our future home, climbed a mountain, eaten endless amounts of pizza, watched hours of our favorite TV shows, laughed, made memories, cried, celebrated victories and leaned on each other during the hardest times.

I’ve learned more about myself than ever before. I have felt such a constant love and support from the best husband. In these 1,096 days, I’ve become more myself than ever before and each day I’m realizing more and more how incredibly blessed I am.

You see my husband is THE definition of a good man. He is kind and compassionate, he shows me such a Christ-like love, he is respectful, patient, funny, intelligent, and gentle. He loves me exactly as I am and never tries to change me. He is supportive and encouraging. He’s my shoulder to cry on. He is exactly what I never knew I always wanted and everything I could ever need in a husband. He is my answered prayer.

He is also sooooooooo handsome and the BEST dog dad ever.

I have loved each moment spent with you and I can’t wait to spend every single day for the rest of my life learning, growing, and loving with YOU.

“He’s more myself than I am. Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” –Emily Bronte


Mrs. Hannah D. ❤️


“Memories, Life, & Eternity”

14 Aug

Tonight is the last night of our vacation. The last 6 days have come and gone in a flash. So tonight as I’m sitting on our balcony with the Stars up above and the ocean below I can’t help but reflect on all the beautiful memories the last week has been filled with.  

With the exception of our honeymoon, this is the first real vacation my sweet husband and I have been on, just us. This week we have relaxed on the beach, stayed up way too late, eaten lots of delicious food, watched movies, hunted for crabs, and made some wonderful memories. 

Last night was extra special though. Around midnight we walked down to the beach to watch a meteor shower. It was a picture perfect scene: the ocean waves crashing, sand between our toes, the gentle breeze blowing, and the sky was filled with stars. The stars here don’t seem to be as bright as they are back home in our little town, but I guess the city lights can be to blame for that. 

So as we were sitting there, I began to relfect. We were surrounded by two of the most beautiful and vast creations; the night sky and the ocean. And as we stared at the Universe above, I couldn’t help but think how similar our lives are to a shooting star. Here for just a moment in the span of eternity and then it’s over. Time and eternity isn’t something that I think can really be grasped by our human intelliect. We have only one life to live and then eternity begins. It is vitally important that we live this life for God and for His glory, because the truth is, in the end that is all that really matters. 

As I get older, the more I realize what is most important in this life. It isn’t the job you have, the car you drive, or the amount of money you make. Life is about living for His glory. It is about the people you love and the time you spend making memories with them. Jobs change, money gets spent, and cars don’t last forever. But love does. 

So take some time to get away. Get away from the schedules and the busyness that everyday life brings. You just might come back with a new perspective and a fresh mind. 


Mrs. Hannah D.