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1,461 ❤️

7 Jun

I am the worst. I haven’t posted on here since April 23rd. If any of you read this, you’re probably not surprised. But as I usually say, life has been so busy and I truly haven’t had time to blog as much as I’d like.

Things have been very, very stressful this last month or so. Work has been busy, Grad School has just started back up for the summer, and we’ve been stretched so thin lately. I constantly feel like I’m running in 100 different directions but not really “getting” anywhere. Know what I mean? And then, about two weeks ago, my car messed up. I’ve had my car for a little over 9 years…yes NINE, and it has been such a good car. But you know that saying “when it rains, it pours!”? Well, yeah, that’s accurate. We were able to get it fixed (thank God), but not without a HEFTY price to pay. Anyone in need of a kidney? Ha. 🙃😬

But I am not writing this post to talk about my stresses. Life is stressful enough for everyone else in this world, the last thing you want to read about it MY stress. This post is in honor of my FOUR year Wedding Anniversary. ❤️

One thousand four hundred sixty one days as husband and wife. To be quite honest, I’m surprised he’s put up with me this long! 😂 He is such a good man. I say that all the time, but it couldn’t be more true.

We have been together for just over 8 years. Over that time, we have celebrated and mourned, learned, grew, struggled, laughed, smiled, watched endless hours of TV, and so much more…TOGETHER. My husband has been with me through the most devastatingly heartbreaking times and the most wonderful, joyous times.

It has never once been him or me, it has always been US. When he’s not with me I don’t feel like myself. He is truly my much better half. He is the encourager when I feel discouraged, he is the one that pushes me to be more like Jesus, he believes in me, he supports me, and so much more. I’m his biggest fan.

When God made him, I know that He was making him just for me. Our love and our relationship has been God ordained from the beginning. I pray that He is glorified in us and through us all the days of our life and that when people look at our marriage, they see Jesus’ love shining through.

I can’t wait to build a house with you someday.

I can’t wait to continue spoiling our nieces and nephew with you.

I can’t wait to have babies with you someday.

I can’t wait to see you smiling at me as I graduate with my Master’s.

I can’t wait to travel the world with you.

I can’t wait to continue loving and celebrating this beautiful life with you. Forever and ever and ever.

Thank you for being you.

Let’s grab some ice cream and run away together.

I love you eternally.


MRS. Hannah D. 🖤


A Sunday Well Spent

17 Jan

I’m a little ashamed that this is the first time I’ve blogged all year. 😛 Hehe!!

This Sunday, I was so inspired by life that I knew I had to compile all my thoughts into this blog.

Almost a year ago, Sunday’s were filled with anxiety, stress, and tears. It was one of my least favorite days of the week. Nowadays, Sunday’s are quite different. A really good different.

Within the last year, my momma started an unspoken tradition of lunch at her house every Sunday after church. Previously we would just go to a restaurant in town, but being in a small town we were very limited with our choices.

It isn’t the food (though it is always delicious!) that makes Sunday lunch so special; it is time with the people I love. We all sit at the dining room table, eat, talk, laugh. It’s perfect.

Our conversations are sometimes filled with tears, sometimes laughter, but always smiles.

After lunch my nieces play and we all lay around and relax.

Sunday morning church fills my soul and Sunday lunch fills my heart (& stomach! 😋)

This time with family is something I so cherish. God is so good and I am so thankful.

Find time to cherish the little things.


Mrs. Hannah D. ❤️


26 Nov

It is Thanksgiving Eve! Okay, so I know that isn’t a real “day” but oh well. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day and I have so much to be thankful for, not just today, but everyday. 

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only day that we are thankful. We have so much to be thankful for and we are each so blessed. Your life may not be perfect, but no one’s is. The fact that you woke up this morning with breath in your lungs is reason in itself to be thankful.  

Being grateful isn’t always easy though. We have struggles and pain in this life that oftentimes blind us from seeing the daily blessings. Even through pain, if we try hard enough, we can see still see God’s goodness. Yesterday was like that for me. 

November 24th is my Daddy’s birthday. Since he’s been gone, that is a sad day for me. I can’t help but wish I could bake him a cake and give him a big hug! He was hands down the best Daddy in the world. So since yesterday was his birthday, my family and I decided to go out for dinner just to be together. We ate pizza while Adalyn and Emery made us smile. Then we went to Walmart and Adalyn entertained us the whole time. It wasn’t a sad time anymore, it was wonderful. Just what I needed for sure! 

Adalyn bustin’ a move in Walmart! 🤗

See what I mean by being entertained? My nieces are the best. 💕

Anyway, it isn’t just the sad times in life that make it difficult to see blessings, it’s also the frustrating times. So I’ve blogged before about ladybugs and how much I hate them and how they tend to swarm in the Fall…remember? 😁 

Well today they were terrible. They were all around the outside doors to our house and trying to get passed them to get inside was a fight! 🐞 So to avoid being swarmed, I stayed inside as best I could this afternoon. Which worked out pretty well because I was able to do some cooking to prepare for tomorrow! 

The cast of characters for The Pioneer Woman’s Caramel Apple Pie!


After the preparation! 😁


The finished product!!! 😄

So see? There’s always a silver lining to the frustrations in life…this time, it was pie! 🍏

But seriously, no matter what you’re going through, no matter how dark a time in your life, look for the good. Choose to have an attitude of gratitude. 

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭100:4‬ 

God is good, all the time.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 


-Mrs. Hannah D. 😊


18 Oct

Weekends are my favorite. Like ever. The work week is done and it’s time to relax and spend time with the ones you love. What could be better?!

So this week, since Monday to be exact, I’ve been sick. Nothing major or anything, just a bad sore throat and a cold. So in the evenings after work I’ve pretty much been a slump. Thankfully I have a super understanding and sweet hubby that takes care of me and helps around the house. He’s the best, I’m so blessed. ☺️

Let’s fast forward to Thursday. Thursday’s are my Friday, three day weekends are the best! So that evening Houston & I went to meet my family for dinner. Thursday=Mexican food. 😜 Anyway, we get to the restaurant, and keep in mind it’s been 3 days since we’ve seen our nieces. As soon as we get out of the truck and walk over to my brother’s  vehicle I hear a sweet little voice saying “Uncle Houston and Hannah!!!!” The excitement in Adalyn’s voice melted my heart. Talk about making someone’s day!! Then sweet baby Emery Kate was smiling at me all during dinner. My heart could burst with love for those two. Being an aunt is the best. 💕 

Ya know, I’ve learned, and I probably say it often, but sometimes it’s the little things in this life that mean so much. 

Little things like having clean sheets to snuggle in at the end of a long week. Or spending Saturday morning cleaning and then getting a pedicure in the afternoon. Even spending Saturday night at home with your hubby; having pizza and watching Netflix. Nothing fancy, nothing super spectacular, but equally wonderful. 

You know, God is so good in so many ways. He gives us this life. A life that isn’t perfect with trials and all, but we have the opportunity to make memories and spend time with the ones we love. 

God is so good. I’m so blessed. Truly can’t say that enough. 

Until next time.


-Mrs. Hannah D. 🙂